Cat and Dog Exams in Lombard, IL

Our goal is the same as yours–to help your pet live for as long as possible while enjoying a happy, healthy life. Pet wellness care has significantly improved over the years, and we’re happy to be a trusted resource for pet owners to turn to. Since age progression is faster in animals, annual cat and dog exams are essential to their care.

The Carriage Animal Hospital team is sincerely passionate about keeping the pets of Lombard and surrounding neighborhoods as healthy as they can be. We’re committed to partnering with our clients and acting as advocates for their pets to prevent disease and give our patients the quality treatment they deserve.

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Preventing Health Issues with Pet Exams

Prevention is the foundation of wellness care. Annual nose-to-tail pet exams are an important way for us to evaluate your pet’s physical health, note our findings, and offer recommendations based on those findings. For a more comprehensive evaluation, we may turn to diagnostics to measure blood and internal organ values. Additionally, routine parasite screening helps us look for heartworms and various types of intestinal worms. With a complete cat or dog exam, we can detect problems and suggest treatments to prevent them from getting worse.

Pet Wellness Care in Lombard

Parasite Prevention

Your pet needs protection from parasites at every life stage. The most common parasites include fleas, ticks, and heartworms (spread by mosquitoes). Ticks can infect pets (and humans) with Lyme disease, which may cause lameness and a decrease in appetite. As its name implies, heartworm disease affects the heart, surrounding blood vessels and lungs. This condition can do irreversible damage to these organs, and even be fatal if it is allowed to progress for much longer.

Dogs and cats should begin taking parasite preventives when they are young, and continue taking them throughout their lives. This ensures that they have the best possible protection against infestations and harmful diseases. Along with fleas, ticks and heartworms, preventives can also keep internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms and whipworms at bay.

Care Tailored to Your Pet’s Life Stage Needs

Puppies, kittens, adult and senior pets all have specific sets of health needs, which means that their wellness care programs will likewise be specific to those needs.

Pet Exams in Lombard

Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens need to see their veterinarian immediately for an exam and fecal testing. Deworming may be necessary to treat your puppy or kitten, because many are born with intestinal parasites. Furthermore, we will help you determine your pet’s treatment schedule for the next several months to get them properly immunized and keep them protected from disease.

Adult Cats and Dogs

Adult wellness care is generally about maintenance. Once your pet has achieved peak health, we will want to help you maintain that level for as long as possible. Annual exams, vaccinations and parasite prevention are key.

Senior Pets

Once your pet enters their golden years, you will need to anticipate the health changes that come with aging. Preserving their mobility, keeping them comfortable and screening for signs of disease are essential elements in senior pet care. During this time we will also want to monitor their weight to check for significant gain/loss. Pets at every age will try to hide their illnesses, but illness can escalate very quickly in our elderly companions.

Let’s Make a Wellness Plan for Your Pet

You do not have to plan out your pet’s treatments on your own. Our team is always here to help! During your visit, we will be happy to discuss every aspect of your pet’s wellness care program and answer any questions you have. From dental care to vaccinations to spaying and neutering, you can depend on us to give you the information you need. To get started, call us at (630) 495-3623 or stop in for a visit!