Pet Boarding & Daycare in Lombard IL: Giving Pets an Experience to Look Forward To

Bringing in your pet for boarding and/or daycare should be easy–especially if they’re staying with us! Carriage Animal Hospital in Lombard offers an exceptional experience for visiting dogs and cats complete with comfortable accommodations, playtime, extra cuddles, and lots of love.

Take a moment to learn about what you (and your pet) can expect when they stay with us. When you’re ready, complete and submit the boarding or daycare form!

What We Provide for Your Pet in Lombard

Our goal is to make your pet’s transition from home to boarding facility as seamless as possible. That means treating them like the special family member they are and taking all of their needs into account. And because our pet boarding facility and animal hospital go hand in hand, your pet can receive timely medical care if needed.

Features of our boarding center:

  • Spacious kennels and dog runs
  • Clean, soft bedding for all guests
  • Separate boarding areas for dogs and cats
  • Open play sessions for dogs to socialize and have fun
  • A beautiful outdoor play yard with soft turf and secure fencing
  • Cats receive individualized attention from staff members

Items to Bring from Home

We do not recommend bringing bedding, blankets or toys from home because we cannot guarantee their return. You do need to bring your pet’s food if they are on a special diet, though we can provide food if necessary.

Both food and medication should be in durable containers labeled with your pet’s name and directions. If you have instructions or requests, please let us know at drop-off.

Pet Boarding in Lombard

Our Pet Boarding Packages

We offer Gold, Silver and Platinum boarding packages so your pet can have the best staycation ever. See what’s included!


Supervised Care

Meals provided*

Potty breaks

Fresh bedding/blankets


Supervised care

Meals provided*

Potty breaks

Fresh bedding/blankets

4 hours of social play**


Supervised care

Meals provided*

Potty breaks

Fresh bedding/blankets

4 hours of social play**

Peanut butter treat

*If your pet has specific dietary needs or a sensitive stomach, we recommend bringing your own food from home to reduce your pet’s risk of developing GI upset.
**To participate in social play, your pet will need to have a boarding assessment exam.

Additionally, you can customize your pet’s stay further by adding on services such as extra cuddle time, peanut butter treats, and dental chews.

Helping Pets Socialize with Our Dog Daycare Program

Socialization is very important for dogs because it helps to build confidence and teach dogs how to play well with others. Unsocialized dogs can be fearful and uncertain of their place in the pack. Our dog daycare program allows your pup to enjoy plenty of playtime, exercise, and socialization under the supervision of an experienced staff member. Before they join, we can evaluate their behavior and gradually introduce them into a more social setting.

Activities your pet can enjoy at our Lombard facility include ball playing, running, and an obstacle course. We also offer rest periods and can provide meals for pets by request.

Get a Sneak Peek of the Fun

We regularly share photos and videos of our boarding and daycare guests on our Facebook page. Give us a follow for daily updates!

Dog Daycare in Lombard

Does Your Pet Need to be Groomed?

We have professional groomers on staff to spruce up your pet’s appearance and have them feeling their best. Find out more about our pet grooming services and let us know if you’re interested!

Requirements for Boarding and Daycare in Lombard

If your pet is not a patient with our hospital, they are still welcome to board with us! But we will need proof of vaccinations in the form of medical records, an invoice, or rabies certificate.* Current patients must also be up to date on their vaccinations.

We want to keep our boarding and daycare facilities safe for all, so we appreciate your compliance!


  • Rabies
  • DHLPP (Distemper with Lepto)
  • 6-month Bordetella
  • Canine influenza (H3N2 and H3N8)
  • Negative fecal sample in last 12 months


  • Rabies
  • Distemper (FVRCP)
  • Negative fecal sample in last 12 months/UTD on annual deworming

*Vaccines must be updated 48 hours in advance to your reservation.

If you have any questions about pet boarding or our dog daycare program at Carriage Animal Hospital, reach out! We’re always eager to help pet parents and their companions.