Forming Deeper Bonds with Professional Dog Training in Lombard, IL

Carriage Animal Hospital partners with BFF Dog Academy to provide professional dog training on-site! Training your dog is not only a rewarding experience, but it also helps you and your dog form a deeper bond through better understanding. With a well-training dog, there will be no more leash-pulling, incessant barking, jumping up, or house soiling! You’ll be the proud parent of a well-behaved companion.

What to Expect with Dog Training

BFF Dog Academy uses positive reinforcement and humane training methods to ensure you and your dog’s relationship never waivers. Some of the obedience cues you’ll learn include:

  • Focus – getting and holding your dog’s attention on you, despite distractions
  • Release cue – marks the end of a behavior for both dog and owner
  • Sit/stay – sitting politely and holding position with their focus on you, until you release them
  • Down/stay – having your dog lie down in a position of your choosing
  • Leave it – helps to redirect your dog’s attention away from something you don’t want him to touch
  • Come/recall – helps prevent injury to your dog in the event they encounter a potentially dangerous situation and allows you to give them more freedom
  • Loose-leash walking – allows your dog to investigate his surroundings without pulling on the leash
  • Heeling – used when you need your dog to follow you closely while on leash (such as when you pass another dog)

These commands will help to correct problem behaviors such as jumping up to greet people, house soiling, barking, nipping/mouthing, digging, bolting, counter-surfing, and unruly behavior.

Professional Dog Training in Lombard

Offered Dog Training Classes in Lombard

BFF Dog Academy offers a number of classes ranging from the basics to more advanced obedience training. If you are interested in registering your pet for a class, contact Leslie at BFF Dog Academy at 630-258-4327.

Classes include:

This class focuses on the basics of house training, grooming, chewing, jumping, and commands such as sit, come, loose leash, and stay. Your puppy will also have the opportunity to socialize with other pups to improve their socialization skills.

Upcoming classes:
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Dogs with little or no training are welcome to join this class! You’ll learn to read your dog’s body language and communicate positively using the core obedience skills of focus, come, loose leash walking, sit and down, and stay.

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NOTE: This class is limited to 5 dogs.

This class is specifically designed for dogs that may be reactive. We’ll help you determine what your dog is reactive to and teach you how to recognize their anxiety and act on it before it gets worse using the core obedience skills: focus, come, walk with a lose leash, sit, down, and stay. The class will also address individual behavior problems such as nipping and jumping.

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Dogs must have graduated from puppy classes to qualify. You’ll learn to further read your dog’s body language and develop better communication by practicing the core obedience skills with lots of distractions, holding them for longer, and obeying at a greater distance.

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This class goes through the 10 evaluations featured on the AKC Good Citizen test: accepting a friendly stranger; sitting politely; appearance/grooming; out for a walk; walking through a crowd; sit/down on command and staying in place; coming when called; reaction to another dog; reaction to distraction; and supervised separation. The final class of this series will be the actual test for the canine good citizen certification.

Upcoming classes:

  • Training for the AKC Good Citizen status or Pet Partners Therapy Certification are only through private training at this time.